I'm an activist and inventor, working at the Center for Livable Media. Mostly I focus on how media systems, economies, and social structures can work better for people. Major influences are the theory of reasons for action, the field of human computer interaction, and real world game design as a kind of experimental sociology.

If you're a technologist, you might want to watch my new talk, Is Anything Worth Maximizing?, or read about Designing for Agency.

If you like games, you might like my post, "25 Adventures for Friends or Lovers", or some of my other games, or this essay, or Sandbox, a playtest event where you can make your own games.

Here's one of my abiding research questions:

My strongest influences are David Velleman, Ruth Chang, Amartya Sen, Augusto Boal, and Bret Victor. My closest collaborators include Albert Kong, Rob Ochshorn, and Tristan Harris.